Chances for Nature | Little Rangers 4.0

We are currently organising the 4th Little Rangers environmental education camp in our Kirindy Forest project area in Madagascar. Altogether, 100 children from the villages of Ankoraobato, Lambokely, Ampataka, Beroboka and Kirindy are taking part and playfully learn about the nature right on their doorstep. Many children see a mouse lemur for the first time during a night hike and learn more about the special flora and fauna of the Menabe region.

The camp is run by the Centre National de Formation d’Etudes et de Recherche en Environnement et Foresterie (CNFEREF), which serves as the base camp for the various activities. Of course, close attention is paid by everyone involved to ensure that the Corona protection measures are respected and that the gatherings take place in a safe setting.

The idea behind the Little Rangers project is simple:
Many children and young people only know the nature of their home region through hunting or collecting firewood and other forest products. The educational camps show them a different perspective on their local nature, and are thus raising the environmental awareness of the population and sensitising them to the dangers of these unique ecosystems. Ultimately, the children and young people of today will decide on Madagascar’s natural resources in the future.

Thanks to the Little Rangers programme, researchers, students and wildlife guides enable simple, nature-based observations of animals and at the same time convey the central (also economic) importance of preserving the forest for future generations.

Since the start of the programme, 400 children and young people have already joined the Little Rangers and have since been on their way as little nature ambassadors for their home region in Madagascar.

Here you can find out more about our environmental education activities in Madagascar.