Chances for Nature | Camera traps in Peru

The Reserva Tapiche private reserve is located in Peru along the middle reaches of Rio Tapiche, which is surrounded by particularly species-rich forests. This is linked to the special environment in which both the Rio Tapiche and its tributary, the Rio Blanco, have acted as natural barriers influencing the speciation of various animal groups.

Different primates are found on each side of the rivers, at least 14 different species in total. Dolphins and manatees live in the rivers and lagoons, while jaguars, pumas, tapirs and anteaters roam the adjacent forests.

In order to record the animal populations and particularly ground-dwelling animals, camera traps are implemented in the Reserva Tapiche. This summer, 25 devices have been provided by Chances for Nature.

On site, Murilo Reis and his team work to protect the forest and its inhabitants. A small lodge offers visitors a spectacular stay in the middle of the rainforest and creates jobs for the inhabitants of the nearest village.

With regard to the current pandemic situation, visits to Reserva Tapiche will hopefully soon be possible again so that efforts to protect the impressive wilderness along the Rio Tapiche can continue.

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Photos: Christian Matauschek, Camera traps in Reserva Tapiche