Our Mission

Chances for Nature e.V. develops sustainable concepts and ideas for the protection of habitats and biological diversity, which are implemented with local communities of particular project areas. The focus of our work is a harmonious coexistence of man and nature.
Chances for Nature e.V. implements particularly those concepts and ideas where people directly benefit by the protection of natural habitats and biological diversity in terms of developing alternative and sustainable income opportunities.

Capacity building

Workshop Fatana Mitsitsy, comparing traditional and ecological stoves

We build capacity to improve livelihood of people in rural communities, which are mainly depending on the primary resources around them.

Species conservation


We analyze population data of rare and endangered species, develop concepts to solve human-animal conflicts and raise awareness for the importance of biodiversity.

Community based conservation


We work with and for the benefit of local communities.

Environmental education & awareness raising


Education is key to change and development. “We will conserve only what we love and we love only what we understand.”

Latest annual report


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