Little Rangers

Environmental education in Kirindy-Forest

With “Little Rangers,” we aim to raise environmental awareness for the biodiversity of the Menabe region in the local population. At the same time, we aim to contribute to the development of new and more effective approaches to environmental education in Madagascar. As part of “Little Rangers”, we are inviting children and youths from communities of the Menabe Antimena Protected Area for three days to the Kirindy Forest. The Centre National de Formation et Recherche en Environment et Forestier (CNFEREF) operates a former forestry concession in the field of ecotourism and provides the necessary infrastructure to accommodate the Little Rangers directly in the forest. The German Primate Center (DPZ) from Göttingen operates a research station in this area for more than 20 years. The presence of researchers, students, tourists, and wildlife guides provides ideal conditions for environmental education. The participants can observe animals as close as never experienced before. Furthermore, they learn about nature from local students, research assistants, and wildlife guides. During their stay, we use modern media to illustrate the importance of Madagascar’s biodiversity as well as the idea of protected area systems to preserve natural resources for future generations. For the environmental education camp, we developed a unique curriculum that explains significant ecological correlations and the consequences of deforestation. The project is implemented in collaboration with local schools and teachers. Therefore, teachers and schools can also transfer content into their daily classes.

Numbers about Little Rangers

6 Communities
8 Schools
300 Little Rangers

Project: Mobile Environmental Cinema

Distributing new and sustainable techniques for agriculture and lifestyle as well as sensitizing local people for Madagascar’s nature and biodiversity is our aim in the Mobile Environmental Cinema- Project. How can you do that? And how can you reach a lot of people simultaneously. Right, with TV. But what if people have no access to TV and electricity. Our solution is a mobile cinema that is running only on pedal power. A bicycle cinema. Since 2014 we are distributing knowledge to local people and sensitize the population using our mobile cinema. Mostly in western Madagascar in the region of Menabe, but also in other places in Madagascar. We have reached out to about 10.000 people by now, but a lot more should still come. We show and put across different topics e.g. ecological stoves, waste management, sustainable agricultural methods, family planning and explain ecological interrelationships.

Hazo tokana tsy mba ala! One tree is not a forest.

A environmental movie in Malagasy

With the start of the Mobile Environmental Cinema we created a film in official Malagasy language. The film shows different sustainable practices: e.g. the use  and construction of ecological stoves or the breeding of fish and rice cultivation simultaneously. All voices and techniques are presented by people from Madagascar, who use these methods already successfully. This way, Malagasy people Transfer knowledge to Malagasy people. Moreover, the film explains the importance of Madagascar’s animals and plants, the consequences of human destruction for the next generations and calls for rethinking of people’s behavior and interaction with their environment.  The film was shot in 2013. The title “Hazo tokana tsy mba ala” means literally “One tree is not a forest”. Metaphorically it means “Only together we are powerful”.

Photos of the environmental cinema
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