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Anniversary Brochure 2021
A journey through our projects and the association’s history on the occasion of our 10th anniversary. Have fun reading and exploring!

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Anniversary Brochure 2021

A DVD with over a thousand environmental sound recordings from Myanmar (production supported by Chances for Nature)

Reports, publications and theses with CfN funding or participation

Zöckler, C, Razanamaheninina SN & Markolf M (2021). A rapid assessment of waterbirds and the mangrove status in the Menabe Antimena Protected Area, Madagascar. Journal of Threatened Taxa 13(3): 17895-17905.

Zöckler, C., Wodehouse, D, Markolf, M. (2021). A visual assessment scale for rapid evaluation of mangrove degradation, using examples from Myanmar and Madagascar. In: Mangrove Ecosystem Restoration. Editor: Sahadev Sharma, IntechOpen. ISBN: 978-1-83962- 800-9.

Roos, C, Helgen, K.M., Portela Miguez, R., Naw May Lay Thant, Ngwe Lwin, Aung Ko Lin, Aung Lin, Khin Mar Yi, Paing Soe, Zin Mar Hein, Margaret Nyein Nyein Myint, Ahmed, T., Chetry, D., Urh, M., Veatch, E.G., Duncan, N., Kamminga, P., Chua, M.A.H., Lu Yao, Matauschek, C., Meyer, D., Zhijin Liu, Ming Li, Nadler, T., Pengfei Fan, Le Khac Quyet, Hofreiter, M., Zinner, D., Momberg, F. (2020). Mitogenomic phylogeny of the Asian colobine genus Trachypithecus with special focus on Trachypithecus phayrei (Blyth, 1847) and description of a new species. Zoological Research, 41(6): 656-669

Bader, S. (2020). Changes in vocalization frequencies depending on changes in light conditions in Phaner pallescens. BSc thesis. University of Göttingen.

Böker, C. (2020). Vocal repertoire of captive narrow-striped mongooses (Mungotictis decemlineata) in behavioral context. BSc thesis. University of Göttingen.

Meyer D, Momberg F, Matauschek C, Oswald P, Lwin N, Aung SS, Yang Y, Xiao W, Long Y-C, Grueter CC, Roos C. (2017): Conservation Status of the Myanmar or Black Snub-nosed Monkey Rhinopithecus strykeri. Fauna & Flora International, Yangon, Myanmar; Institute of Eastern-Himalayan Biodiversity Research, Dali University, Dali, China; and German Primate Center, Göttingen, Germany. Download report

Behnke, R. (2015). A camera-trap based inventory to assess species composition of large- and medium-sized terrestrial mammals in a Lowland Amazonian rainforest in Loreto, Peru: a comparison of wet and dry seasons. Master Thesis. University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences, Vienna.

Tramm, I. (2014). PRESENCE OF GIANT OTTERS (Pteronura brasiliensis) IN THE RÍO TORNO IN NORTHERN PERU . IUCN Otter Spec. Group Bull. 31(1).