About us


Chances for Nature is committed to conserving biodiversity and natural habitats worldwide. We support local communities and initiatives in implementing sustainable strategies through education, science, and capacity building.



Our concern is the protection of endangered habitats and animal species.

That is why Chances for Nature works with local partners to protect selected ecosystems, endangered species and preserve biodiversity.

Chances for Nature projects follow sustainable holistic approaches that prioritize the interest of local people in economic and social change.


What we do

Environmental education & sustainable development

Education is the key to progress and sustainability. “You only protect what you love, and you only love what you know!”

Biodiversity and environmental education workshops

Capacity building

Chances for Nature provides people with practical knowledge and skills for the sustainable use of natural resources.

Provide opportunities

Our projects are designed to open up new perspectives for local people and create ecologically sustainable sources of income.

Capture & analyze situations and conflicts

We collect basic scientific data for ecosystem management.

Species conservation & wildlife management

We develop solutions for the survival of biological diversity in harmony with the population.

Rio Tapiche

Protect & restore habitats

We support the preservation and restoration of ecosystems as the basis of life for humans and animals.

How we work

Our principles

We work in selected landscapes of particular importance for conserving global biodiversity and are committed to its long-term protection.

Our approach to the sustainable and successful conservation of habitats and endangered species is based on a holistic view of systems and always focuses on local people. In an ever more densely populated world, conservation only works in harmony with the interests of local people.

Jedes unserer Projektgebiete steht vor großen Herausforderungen, deren Lösungen maximalen Einsatz, kreative Lösungsansätze, einen langen Atem, sowie viele langfristige Unterstützer und Förderer benötigen.

We specifically promote local commitment and local initiatives to protect nature, an intact environment, and ecologically sustainable local economies.

Wir arbeiten vor Ort stets gut vernetzt und partnerschaftlich mit lokalen Organisationen, zivilgesellschaftlichen Initiativen und lokalen Behörden.

We implement projects on-site together with local stakeholders and take care of sustainable financing of the projects with our partners.

For us, the long term is crucial to the success of conservation work. That is why we are committed to long-term engagement and permanent support for our local partners at all our project sites.

We try to use as much financial means as possible locally in the project work. As a non-profit organization, we ensure proper, transparent, and solid administration of donations and funding in Germany, as well as their appropriate use in the target country.

We take care to keep administrative and advertising costs as low as possible. With an average of less than 10% in administrative costs over the last 10 years, your donations therefore directly benefit the projects on site.




CfN was founded in Göttingen in 2011. All founding members and many of our board members and currently active members have a background in biology, often with a focus on primatology, and many years of experience and expertise in conservation and research. Our project areas are also each of particular importance for the survival of endangered primate species.