Gibbon Forest Coffee

Gibbon protection through forest-friendly coffee cultivation

in the Arakan Mountains in Myanmar


Arakan Mountains, Myanmar

Families profit from coffee cultivation

Gibbon families retain their habitat

About the project

Coffee farmers preserve gibbon habitat

The Arakan Mountains, a landscape of global and national priority for biodiversity conservation, host one of the world’s highest densities of the endangered Western-hoolock Gibbon (Hoolock hoolock), as well as many other threatened species. Gibbons in particular are dependent on primary tropical forests, which are traditionally cleared for shifting cultivation.

The Arakan Mountains still have well-preserved primary forest on the ridges. Deforestation on the lower slopes has created a mosaic landscape of fields, secondary vegetation, and remnants of ancient woodland. Chances for Nature works with the indigenous Ashok Chin communities to protect the remaining adjacent primary forests through the designation of a community-managed conservation area. The project will work with local indigenous communities and Genius Coffe, a private sector partner, to develop sustainable, wildlife-friendly coffee agroforestry and mitigate threats to gibbon habitat. This will reduce deforestation, restore habitats and improve landscape connectivity.


Coffee farmers from the Arakan Mountains with Gibbon coffee

Support us

Support the coffee farmers

Help us to support the coffee farmers to create perspectives for their families and to preserve the habitat of the gibbons. For example, with 400 € you can finance a roasting oven, with 30 € a family can participate in training for coffee cultivation.


Nature reserve

At least 40,000 ha of the remaining primary forest are to be designated as a nature reserve to be managed jointly with the local population.


Sustainable coffee production

Farmers are trained in micro-entrepreneurship and in improving coffee bean production, harvesting, and processing techniques.


Gibbon Monitoring

The gibbon population is regularly scientifically recorded using bioacoustic methods.

Coffee marketing

Sustainable enjoyment

Through the coffee roasting company Genius Coffee, Gibbon Forest Coffee is distributed as a sustainable, wildlife-friendly product in Myanmar. Sustainable supply chains for export will be developed.

Product diversity

Coffee, Pepper & Co.

In order to make the families and the project financially independent in the future, further wildlife-friendly products, such as black pepper, will be established.

Partners & Supporters

The project is funded by:

Manfred Hermsen Stiftung

The project is implemented jointly with:

Fauna & Flora International