In April, it was time for the next round of the Little Rangers environmental education camp in Madagascar! More than 100 children from 5 different schools in the Menabe region participated enthusiastically in the workshops, which were also accompagnied by former Little Rangers, thus nicely passing on the knowledge from one generation of Rangers to the next.

During the popular night walks, the little explorers saw the wildlife of their homeland in a completely new way. For this, the children were specially equipped with solar lamps by the Little Sun Foundation team. We were all very happy and send a big thank you!

The camp was again organised at the Centre National de Formation d’Etudes et de Recherche en Environnement et Foresterie (CNFEREF), which serves as the base camp for the various activities. From there, the Rangers go out into nature, where they are sensitised to the dangers of Madagascar’s natural resources and learn to understand the important (also economic) significance of preserving the forest for future generations through simple, nature-based observations of animals.

With the 5th edition of the camp, more than 500 children and young people have already participated as Little Rangers and are now out there as junior nature ambassadors for their home in Madagascar.

More information about our environmental education activities in Madagascar: