At the beginning of the year, we were very happy about the start of our first nature conservation project in Germany: since then, we have been supporting the renaturation of a biotope for native flora and fauna on the grounds of the German Primate Center in Göttingen.

The programme first included a lot of work with heavy equipment to loosen the soil and prepare the 1.4 hectare site, and to create 3 reptile castles among the meadow orchards and flowering shrubs. Under the stones, which were heaped up in sunny places, lizards and slow worms, among others, should find a shelter and nesting place.

Other animals can settle under various brushwood piles and wild bees and other insects are welcome in a specially created earth wall. Many nesting boxes and feeding stations have been set up throughout the biotope, which are gradually attracting new inhabitants and visitors.

In addition, large areas of flowering meadows have been sown to attract pollinating insects. At the moment, however, not many flowering plants can be seen due to the low rainfall, as the relatively hard, dry soil makes it difficult for them to grow. For our biotope, too, more rain would be very welcome for a change!

Here you can see some impressions from the area: