Indawgyi Wetland Education Centre

Environmental Education and Sustainable Development at Lake Indawgyi in Myanmar


UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Indawgyi Lake, Myanmar

national visitors have visited the environmental education center at Indawgyi lake in 2019 alone

school children participated in environmental education activities at the centre

About the project

Indawgyi Lake Environmental Education Centre

On the shore of Indawgyi Lake, in the middle of the Biosphere Reserve created in 2018, we have built a large environmental education center with exhibition and event space, unique in Myanmar, as a visitor and education center.

Environmental education and knowledge of ecological problems and solutions are an indispensable building block for the sustainable development of this region and the conservation of natural resources. To achieve these goals, awareness raising is important not only for the current acting adult generation, but also for the upcoming decision makers. That is why environmental education at Lake Indawgyi is also aimed particularly at children and young people.

On 300 m² the environmental education centre at Lake Indawgyi houses a modern exhibition about the biosphere reserve, a reception for visitors and tourists, as well as an event room for up to 80 people.

In 2021, the center will be expanded to include a country school shelter for local school groups, as well as a children’s environmental kitchen and an environmental garden. Around 1,200 schoolchildren a year are given the opportunity to spend a full day or several days at the environmental education center. A large boat with zero-emission electric motor will connect the environmental center with the villages on the other shore of the lake and open new opportunities in ecotourism.

Information about the Environmental Education Center, also called Indawgyi Wetland Education Center (IWEC) in English, is also available on the Lake Indawgyi Biosphere Reserve page and on Inn Chit Thu‘s Facebook page.

The Indawgyi Wetland Education Centre (IWEC)

Inn Chit Thu- The community-based organization offers ecotourism activities at Indawgyi Lake.

Idyll at Shwe Taung Mountain

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Support environmental education and sustainable development in the Indawgyi Lake Biosphere Reserve

By making a donation, you will support educational activities at the Indawgyi Wetland Education Center.


People & Nature

The exhibition offers a wide range of information about the biosphere reserve. Topics are the diverse nature and culture, ecological problems and sustainable use of resources. Display boards, films and interactive elements provide a rich educational experience in Burmese and English.


Networking & Training

The event room is equipped with modern lecture technology and is actively used by local civil society for training, meetings and events. The premises of IWEC are used for numerous event for the development of local civil society. In its first year, 385 members of local organizations attended events at IWEC.

Sustainable income

Create prospects

The local ecotourism initiative Inn Chit Thu runs the center and benefits from the many opportunities. Selected, sustainably produced souvenirs from the biosphere reserve can be purchased here.

Popular destination

Relaxation & Nature

On the large visitor terrace you can enjoy a coffee and the fantastic view of the lake and watch numerous water birds.


Experience the biosphere reserve

The center is the starting point for visitors and tourists, who can rent bikes and kayaks here, as well as book guided excursions into the reserve. Binoculars and identification books can be borrowed.

Meeting point

Magnet for nature enthusiasts

Especially among young people from the region, the center has become a popular destination and meeting place. A coffee on the terrace or a kayak trip will awaken your enthusiasm for the local nature.

Partners & Supporters

The project is funded by:

Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, BMZ- BENGO

Manfred Hermsen Stiftung

Nds. Bingo Environmental Foundation

The project is implemented jointly with:

Fauna & Flora International

Inn Chit Thu

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